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Provides Programming environment for Numeric Calculation, Algorithm Development, Data Analysis and Data Visualization.


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Powerful Language for Engineering and Science

Supports TONS of algorithm library
Supporting Engineering and Scientific Calculation Fast executions With optimized library
Promptly respond to problems in developing
Modeling dynamic system Monitoring changes REALTIME
High Reliability and fast execution time with the best numeric analyzing core

Innovative High End Calculation Tool

Widely used in Many Fields

  • Powerful 2D & 3D Monitoring Graphs

    2D & 3D graphs + Various Graph Gages

  • Big Data Type

    Scalability up to High Programming and user defined data processing

  • Compatible with other forms

    Able to use Excel, dll etc.

  • Debugging

    User friendly functions like break, point, trace, variable for debugging

  • Supporting M-mode

    No conversion need for Matlab mode

Many applications

Apply to many fields based on mathematical technology

Numeric Analysis

Useful Numeric Toolbox for quick problem solving

Automatic Control

Reliable Control Toolbox for designing various controllers and analyzing stability

Machine Vibration

Solve the machine Vibration problem with Matrix and differential equations

Signal Processing

Easy Signal Processing Toolbox for FFT and design of filtering

Electronic communication

Simulate experiments with communications theories

Circuit Analysis

Powerful basic Toolbox for Circuit Analysis